Jasmine’s New Love

JNLThe monotony of her life has Jasmine questioning her every move. It’s not that she doesn’t love her husband and her kids, she does. It’s just that she aches for something more. Her every day routine has grown a tad boring, and she yearns for some excitement. There must be something out there that will make her life worthwhile.

The arrival of an unexpected postcard soon piques her interest. The thought of letting loose, and having fun draws her in. Her husband won’t be around, and she’ll be able to explore something new. What could go wrong, right?

Thrown into a world where inhibitions fly out the door, and things can happen within the blink of an eye, Jasmine’s life soon takes a different turn. Her new endeavor is the perfect excuse to let her hair down, and enjoy what she’s been offered. When anything is possible, the opportunity must be taken. She now has a chance to explore another side of herself, one she never knew existed.

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A wonderful start to what promises to be a quite titillating series, Denali draws you into Jasmine’s world from the very beginning. We find ourselves immersed in Jasmine’s life, a woman who has everything, but also yearns to have something more. Something that will give more meaning to the life she lives. Steamy and very sexy, Jasmine’s New Love is a story that will bring out your imagination, and keep it glued to every turn of the page. A refreshing read, the Broken Housewives series is definitely one to keep an eye on. ~ Simplistik

This is the very first story released by Author Denali and what a hot little number it is! Denali did a great job creating characters with everyday issues, the actual story line will keep readers reading more and I definitely loved the twist revealed at the end. I will anxiously be awaiting more novellas by this up and coming author! I think Denali deserves 5 stars for her first novella! ~ A Passion for Romance

The erotic scenes are very hot and will keep you interested. And the ending was a surprise twist that I didn’t see happening at all. This is a great read for anyone that loves a bit of erotica but nothing way over the top. A great hot little read that I will be reading again sometime soon. ~ From the Bootheel Cotton Patch


Thursday came just like any other day. It wasn’t until the mailperson brought the mail that a glimmer of change appeared. There in her mail was a postcard. Not just any postcard, either, but rather one that showcased the new private club in town. This club was called the Ties That Bind. The card had her name on it, and on the back it said, looking for something new? Then we’re your place. Join us Friday for some fun. Jasmine had heard of the club, and secretly wished to be invited, but as far as she knew, none of her friends went there.

Should I go or not? Should I be daring, or stay in my comfort zone?

Excitement tingled through her body, and she felt her pussy getting wet at the prospect of going to the club. It would be fun. At least, she hoped it would be. Then again, new things scared her. Being out of her safety zone and going where she didn’t know anyone scared her.


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